Joy in Confession

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Hillary is a published writer whose work can be found in many different sectors and media—inducing print, academia, and the on web. Her first book, “Joy in Confession,” which had its roots in her doctoral thesis, helps people answer God’s call to healing and transformation. Reconciliation is one of the most beautiful and life-changing gifts that Jesus offers us—it is also one of the most misunderstood. Joy in Confession combines art therapy, scholarship, theology, and worship to create a powerful experience for learning about confession in the Episcopal Church. This accessible, user-friendly workbook, provides compelling evidence of transformation for individuals and communities who embrace reconciliation as a spiritual practice. The workbook includes a robust toolbox for clergy, congregations, individuals, including insight on what to expect during confession, how to incorporate confession into the life of a congregation, and how to hear a confession. In addition, the workbook offers resources to tailor the program for weekly study sessions, a retreat, or a one-day workshop. The program has been tried and tested by congregations around the U.S., and their suggestions have been incorporated to make Joy in Confession a helpful resource for any setting.

Listen to an interview about "Joy in Confession" with Hillary on the Priest Pulse podcast:

Faith with a Twist - A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Available in 2018


“Faith with a Twist - A 30 Day Yoga Journey,” Hillary’s second book written with Amy Dolan will be released in 2018. “Faith with a Twist - A 30 Day Yoga Journey“ seeks to bridge that gap blending the ancient Church’s wisdom and the spiritual practice of yoga. We live in a very interesting time for religion. Judging by all the current trends and data, more and more people are identifying with the label “spiritual but not religious“ and have turned to practices such as yoga to help bring them into closer relationship with God. All too often, attempts to blend yoga and Christianity have failed to do justice to both traditions—often sacrificing the wisdom of one tradition for the other—and thus both tend to be watered down. This resource, however, blends the traditional eight limbs of yoga with the church’s understanding and emphasis on living a holy life. This approach creates a unique blend of spiritual practices and religious wisdom that are perfect for the yoga novice to the experienced practitioner alike. 

Blending their shared love of yoga and our deeply rooted Christian faith, Hillary and Amy have created this yogic journey to be a guide for those who are seeking to grow in their love of God. This book has a different meditation, prayer and practice for each day in this month-long journey. In addition to the core material, there will be a series of postures (with helpful modifications that could be done while seated) as well as suggestions on how this series could be used to compliment different seasons in the church year. Yoga is a wonderful way to deepen faith and the authors hope that others will find this book full of practices, prayers, wisdom and insight that can help you to have a transformative spiritual life.

Other Publications

Revisiting the Rite of Reconciliation: All May, Some Should, None Must

Paper presented to the Liturgical Theology seminar at the Annual meeting of the North American Academy of Liturgy, Washington, DC, 2017 and will be published in the peer-reviewed journal "Worship" in 2018


Vitality & Effectiveness: Sharing Stories in the Missionary Church

Keynote speaker at the Invite, Welcome, Connect Summit, Navasota, TX, 2016 


Of Veils and Virgins: My Life with the Bees

Article published in “Fidelia’s Magazine” the publication of the Young Clergy Women Project, 2016 [Available Here]


• Author of several posts on the Grow Christians website including two on Reconciliation: [Available Here]
• Contributor to two upcoming books on Evangelism to be published in 2018 by Forward Movement. 
• Featured writer for the National Episcopal Church Commons Lenten and Advent Meditation Blog 2012-13