From a very young age, I felt called to the priesthood. In fact, my “call moment” is my earliest memory. I was sitting on the floor of my baby sister’s bedroom watching dust particles float on a sunbeam. I distinctly remember having the thought that the dust was the Holy Spirit and that I should catch it and give it to other people, because that was what priests did and that's God wanted me to do. Ever since, I have been striving to do just that! 

Currently, I'm living out that call as the rector of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. This role is a great source of joy for me as I serve as priest, pastor, and teacher to the congregation. 

In addition to parish ministry, I am also a published writer in both church and academic fields. My doctorate in ministry from Drew University included a concentration on worship, preaching, and reconciliation. I've had the opportunity to serve on several diocesan and national church wide ministries as well as in ecumenical and interfaith efforts. A great blessing has been the opportunity to travel extensively while preaching and teaching on a variety of topics. 

I am a yoga instructor, bee keeper, and musician and have many varied hobbies, including skiing, hiking, gardening, and leading my daughter’s girl scout troop. I am married to Ken Raining, a reference librarian, and we have a daughter, Delia who is our light and joy!