Hillary considers preaching and teaching to be one of the greatest aspects of her vocation. She is blessed to be able to preach weekly in her parish where she also holds classes in Christian living all year round. In all aspects, Hillary seeks to bring her deeply felt joy in the Gospel to others. 

Hillary has traveled extensively all over the country preaching and leading educational and spiritual events in a variety of topics and settings. Such topics include: Reconciliation, liturgical studies, Julian of Norwich, scripture, evangelism, building Christian community, meditation, pilgrimage, retreats, bee-keeping as eco-stewardship, parenting and the Daring Way, and creativity worships.

As a long-time yoga practitioner and 500 hour certified yoga instructor, Hillary also teaches yoga and meditation several times a week in a class that is free and open to the whole community. She practices and teaches primarily in the Ashtanga system of yoga which blends energetic postures with deep intentional aspects to help aid in prayer and holy living.


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selected Presentations

  • "Holy Week: St. Christopher's Church, Gladwyne, PA" Live-streaming video project in conjunction with the Episcopal Church. This projected streamed live services through the whole of Holy Week to thousands of views worldwide. Holy Week. (2018) 

  • "Wisdom in Wonder: Evangelism for Modern Mystics: Plenary Co-Speaker at the Episcopal Church's National Evangelism Matters Conference, Cleveland Heights, OH (2018) 

  • "Revisiting the Rite of Reconciliation" - Paper presented to the Liturgical Theology seminar at the Annual meeting of the North American Academy of Liturgy, Washington, DC (2017) Will be published in the peer-reviewed journal "Worship". (2018)
  •  “Joy in Confession: Reconciliation as a Gateway for Discipleship”- Workshop Presenter, Renewal Works Conference, Whitemarsh, PA (2017)
  • "Joy In Confession"- Women's Retreat Leader for St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church, Marietta, GA (2018) 
  • “Reconciliation in Pastoral Ministry”- Guest Session Lecture, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA (2016)
  • Vitality & Effectiveness: Sharing Stories in the Missionary Church”-Keynote speaker at the Invite, Welcome, Connect Summit, Navasota, TX (2016)  
  • “Eggs and Tombs: Reflections on the Icon of St. Mary Magdalene”- Presentation, St. George’s Quiet Day (2017)
  • “Of Veils and Virgins: My Life with the Bees”- Article published in “Fidelia’s Magazine” the publication of the Young Clergy Women Project (2016) 
  • “Called to be a Pilgrim”- Presenter, Diocese of Bethlehem’s Daughters of the King Lenten Quiet Day, Douglassville, PA (2016) 
  • “Julian of Norwich”- Guest Session Lecture, Eastern University, Wayne, PA (2015)
  • “Daring Parenting: Vulnerable Bravery for Families”- Co-Presenter of workshop, Chestnut Hill, PA (2015) 
  • “The Wisdom of Proverbs”- Presenter of Diocese of Bethlehem’s ECW Quiet Day, Mountain Top, PA (2015)
  • “Reclaiming Reconciliation”- Presentation for Diocese of Bethlehem Clergy Day, Scranton, PA (2015)
  • “By Who’s Authority?: Faithfully Exercising Authority in the Missionary Church” –Theme Presentation, Gathering of Leaders Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico (2016)